Business Insights


iqXora BI layer turns business data into insights and transforms the insights into action. One-stop-shop for Data Management, BI Reporting, Ad-hoc Analysis, Predictive Modeling and Actionable Insights. iqXora BI Engine provides results as dynamic visualizations. With a drag-drop tool interfaces and easy to run simulations, it short-circuits the process between modelling and insight consumption.

The Iqxora Advantages

Seamlessly integrated workflow delivering Enterprise Intelligence

Actionable Insight

  • Modeling dashboard
  • Post-model analysis
  • Scenario-building

Predictive modeling

  • Forecasting
  • Customer insights
  • Optimization

Ad-hoc analysis

  • Slice and dice
  • Customized reports
  • Descriptive insights

BI reporting

  • Search & query
  • Static reports
  • Reporting dashboard

Data management

  • Data integration
  • ETL processes
  • DB administration


Configurable and customizable dashboards presented intuitively in such a way that conclusions pop-out at the viewer.

Functional Steps

The iqxora business insights offering comes with a state-of- the-art front end that allows users to access their data from any source they are authorized to access, set up processes to manage the data access and then start visualizing the imported data rapidly, in seconds.

Complex functionalities

iqxora Business insight offering more complex optional statistical analysis functions and a tight integration with the maps visualization engine which includes a library of SVG maps, and geo-tagged continents, regions, countries, states, and next level bifurcations for some of the most popular countries.