Marketing & Sales


Marketing automation is the process of leveraging software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. Marketers use this software in order to help nurture leads that makes marketers more efficient. The purpose is to streamline and scale lead management activities to generate more revenue through a growing customer base. Marketing automation also streamlines the sales funnel and makes it easier for the sales and marketing team to generate leads and turn them into customers. In other words, marketing automation supports marketing and sales collaboration by ensuring that both teams are aligned and “act like a baton in a relay race”!

Marketing Automation vs CRM

Marketing automation and CRM work together but they serve different functions. Marketing automation takes care of the top-of-funnel activities – which is, to drive qualified prospects to sales. However, CRM stores information about the prospect and where they are in the overall sales cycle. In other words, marketing automation solutions typically act as an upstream solution to CRM. Hence, it is important to have an efficient workflow orchestration platform to enable seamless flow of qualified leads from marketing automation systems to the CRM.

Iqxora Marketing suite includes integrated solutions for:

Lead Nurturing

Sending a series of automated emails in an attempt to engage the prospects by offering relevant content.

Personalized E-Mail Marketing

Personalized content delivery to select business for better relationships with customers.

Campaign Management

Companies can run email campaigns to nurture leads along the sales cycle. It enables teams to send direct and personalized emails to a large number of people.

Lead Management

Track a lead through multiple stages of sales lifecycle (for standard implementations without CRM integrations)