Digital Transformation is Profoundly Reshaping Banking sector


In the old days, Banks and Financial Institutions could gain customers quite easily. People chose their banks depending on how near the bank branch was to their residence. The digital era has changed this behaviour dramatically. With rampant digitization and digital service delivery, customers do not need to visit bank branches anymore. The customer focus has completely shifted from proximity advantages to digital service availability, quality of service, ease of business, security and overall customer experience. To transform as a mature future generation financial institution, banks need to reinvent their customer journey, leverage power of data, redefine standard operating models and build a digital driven organization through platforms that allow rapid development of custom and personalized applications that align with these larger goals.


Institutional onboarding has been a daunting task for banks for a very long time. B2B onboarding is complex, fraught with risks and extremely slow. Delays in onboarding causes loss of revenue and precious customer relations built over months or years. Iqxora onboarding solution is the one-stop-shop that accelerates the onboarding process by taking the risks out of it empowering business users with full control on the various steps involved in the process. The integrated solution has modules for registering customer institutions, account setup, KYC collection & verification, task management, data collection screens for internal & external users, seamless integrations with upstream CRM systems, self-service customer portal and integrations with downstream core banking systems.

Loan Origination

Are legacy onboarding solutions weighing you down? Leverage the state-of-the-art and flexible Loan Origination System on Iqxora platform with multi-channel user-friendly data entry screens to accelerate customer data collection. With integrated and customizable rules, get the loan applications accurately scored and tagged with credit risk value. Capture multi-level approvals and stay compliant while providing a friction-free and contented user-experience to customers as well as employees.