Digitalization is changing the face of education


In today’s digital era, delivery of education to students is undergoing a radical shift. Educational institutions need to be equipped with tools that offer omni-channel content delivery experience to students. New courses and student offerings bud out very frequently and the underlying applications should be powerful and flexible to accommodate these changes and effectively carry the details to prospective students. With their limited IT resources and tight budgets, educational institutions also need a strong support system to monitor and control operational costs and internal metrics. In other words, educational institutions need to reinvent the way applications are developed so that they can attract and retain students, yet continue to operate efficiently.

Student Enrollment & Engagement

Educational institutions need applications that deliver a captivating user-experience to prospective students through various digital channels. Iqxora enables customized applications for recruitment and student enrollment for a seamless digital onboarding experience. Rollout of courses & assignments, and assessment of students are effectively managed in the platform. With enhanced technology interactions between faculty and students, educational institutions can significantly improve recruitment while keeping drop-our rates at all-time low.

Operational Excellence

Take operational efficiency to its peak through a series of integrated back-office applications including student records management, staff attendance management, leave management, grievance management, work-hour tracking, invoice management, expense claim processing and many more. Get the much needed visibility on both summary-level as well as granular operational data that enables the management team to make better-informed decisions resulting in great outcomes.