Digital Transformation in Manufacturing


The digital landscape is profoundly changing for manufacturers. The transformation in manufacturing sector is driven by the ever-fluctuating customer expectations as well as the need for productivity improvements, better control in corporate functions and increased collaboration with partners, customers and vendor firms. CRM and ERP platforms have supported the manufacturing sector in their core operations for many years now – however, when it comes to various supplementary operations, ERPs offerings are extremely restricted. Manufacturing organizations are embracing digitization as they gear-up for the next wave of transformation. This transformation is primarily driven by manufacturer’s needs for solving customer pain-points as well as automation of various corporate functions that saves hundreds of thousands of dollars with elimination of manual work.

Accelerate Product Research

The pace and agility of the product team takes a big hit when R&D activities are managed in Excel spreadsheets and e-mails. A robust and flexible R&D solution on Iqxora enables research teams to aggregate & evaluate data, study input data compositions and effectively track the R&D progress. This customized and focused solution significantly helps in efficiently carving out the product / its variants from input research data. Get the much needed traceability and visibility in R&D stream and eliminate knowledge silos.

Innovations Management

The Iqxora innovations management application offers an integrated platform to raise innovations, compute ROI, prioritize innovations, capture relevant approvals and track these to closure. The solution is a great forum for employees to showcase and register an idea, derive its value and track the idea all the way till roll-out. The platform also provides foundational data for employee rewards management, while saving costs and benefiting from innovations continuously.

Assets Purchase and Management

An integrated solution that tracks purchase of assets through its various steps including indent generation, BOM comparisons, PR creation, Vendor Quotations Management, PO issuance, Asset receipt and payment release. The procured assets are managed in the central Fixed Asset Register. Seamlessly track the allocation of assets to different custodians, movement of assets across various manufacturing units or vendor locations throughout its lifecycle. Once identified as a scrap, take the asset through the scrap management process to ensure scrap value monetization.

Field Service Management

Improve customer service and increase productivity of field-service staff through mobile enabled field service applications. The application enables automation of end-to-end field deployment processes improving the overall productivity of employees / contractors and reducing cycle time. Get detailed visibility on ticket statuses, service ticket volumes, SLA compliance and staff performance. Leverage Iqxora field service application for efficient resource management, improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs and increased employee morale.

Contracts Management

Iqxora Contracts Management application is a holistic solution for creation, approval, storage, tracking and management of enterprise contracts. Includes modules for contract creation, approvals, redlining, electronic signatures as well as multiple prompt reminders before contracts expire. The associated dashboards in Analytics module gives a summary view of contracts maintained and executed with vendor / partner / customer organizations.